Potential Earnings

Working in the automotive industry is rewarding in more ways than one, it is an exciting market to be in with new models being launched all the time, and new technologies being announced. Literally everyone you meet will have an interest in what you do, because everyone you meet will probably be changing their vehicle at some point in the future!

Enjoying what you do, and the market place itself is important but an above average income is the icing on the cake! We would expect that, once established, your franchise should be delivering a minimum of £8,000 per month, rising to a significant six figure income for a mature franchise and we’d like to show you how this is attained, with real life examples at a future meeting. One of our test franchise areas is averaging over £20,000 per month. There is however no cap on your earnings and there are customers out there who buy dozens of vehicles as well as those who just make a single purchase.

Every client you deal with will come back for more because finance deals tend to run for 2,3 or 4 years which means you can look forward to repeat purchases in due course on top of what you have done with new clients each year. The compound effect of that from year 2 onwards is what makes this such a potentially lucrative long term business. Because this is your own business you will also be building up a capital value in the franchise as it grows which means when you wish to retire or move on the franchise is a valuable asset that you can sell on to another party. You have the right to profit from this just as you would selling any other business. Successful franchises resell for a multiple of their annual profit which provides for a lucrative exit for you at a future date.

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