Training and Support

Motor Republic’s parent company, National Fleet Services and all of it’s brands have been built on great people who are well trained and fully supported in what they do. The company has in house expertise that has trained dozens of industry professionals. Head Office has dozens of automotive professionals to assist each franchisee and their daily activity.

Your initial training and indeed your ongoing support will be integral to your future success and you’ll follow a carefully thought out training programme starting with two weeks at Head Office followed by a bespoke programme of additional training depending on where your weaknesses lie.  We aim to cover everything you need to be successful in this market with an open ended commitment to your success.

The management team take it’s responsibility very seriously and acknowledge the faith that you will show in the company when you join. It can be an anxious time launching a new franchise however the journey you are about to begin is well known to the company, like you the Directors have taken that step and can highlight all of the various pitfalls and mistakes that exist so that you are able to safely navigate your way to a profitable enterprise in your own area.

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